Amy Grant Got an Accidental Face Lift From Doctors After a Bike Accident

Amy Grant Got an Accidental Face Lift From Doctors After a Bike Accident
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Christian artist Amy Grant recently opened up about a transformative experience she had in 2022, stemming from a challenging bike accident. Grant, known for her inspirational music, spoke with E! News, revealing the unexpected turn her life took following the incident.

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The mishap occurred when she encountered a pothole while biking near her Nashville, Tennessee home, resulting in a brain injury and other lingering issues. However, the accident also unveiled an undiscovered cyst in her throat, rapidly growing due to the trauma from the crash. Prompted by the urgency, doctors performed a five-hour surgery to address the cyst.

Grant recounted, “I had this bike wreck and, unbeknownst to me, I actually had a cyst growing in my throat and because of the trauma of that bike wreck it went into hypergrowth.” Despite initially declining a facelift offer during the surgery, she humorously discovered her neck felt tighter afterward.

During the surgery, doctors proposed, “Hey, we’re going into your throat, do you want a facelift?” Grant, focused on her impending stage performances, responded with a firm, “Dear God, no.” However, post-surgery, she noticed the unintended tightening of her neck.

While the initial results were surprising, Grant found humor in the situation, likening herself to an “old beat-up car that went in and got a paint job and had the dents knocked out. And it was just, I mean, that’s a gift.”

Beyond the physical challenges, Grant faced short-term memory issues post-injury and had to relearn singing. Despite these hurdles, she maintains a positive outlook, even finding amusement in occasional balance difficulties, joking, “My balance is still weird. You know, sometimes I walk around like I’m drunk, and I just have to laugh about all of it.

Now, having recovered from the accident, Amy Grant is back on tour with her “Spring Tour,” ready to share her music with audiences across the country. Reflecting on her touring motivation, she expressed, “I don’t get on stage because I need to hear applause, I have always loved creating spaces, and I do think it feels like that continues to matter.”

Watch Amy Grant share her accidental facelift experience in the video below.

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