Conway Twitty's Former Mansion, an Iconic Landmark, Rescued from Imminent Demolition
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Conway Twitty’s Former Mansion, an Iconic Landmark, Rescued from Imminent Demolition

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A devastating tornado wreaked havoc in middle Tennessee on December 9, causing extensive damage to various structures, including the former residence of country music icon Conway Twitty, known affectionately as “Twitty City.”

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In Conway’s lifetime, this property had become a cherished haven, featuring multiple homes crafted by the renowned “Hello Darlin'” singer for himself and his family. Throughout the 1980s, “Twitty City” evolved into a beloved tourist attraction. Following Conway’s passing in 1993, the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) acquired the estate and transformed it into an entertainment complex.

Tragedy struck when the tornado battered the property, leading TBN to consider the unthinkable – the demolition of Conway Twitty’s former home. Frank Amedia, representing TBN, revealed their dilemma during a Hendersonville Planning Commission meeting, citing insufficient insurance coverage as a significant hurdle.

Amedia explained, “Unfortunately, it’s a public fact, TBN was highly under-insured on that site, so now we’re at a position if we’re going to put money into fixing old things than the new things aren’t coming.”

Before the tornado, TBN had already set plans in motion for a new production studio and housing for seniors on the site. Demolishing the older structures, including Conway’s home, seemed like a pragmatic move to make way for their new projects.


Outraged by the proposal, Conway’s fans and his own daughter, Joni Lee, expressed distress over the potential loss of “Twitty City.” She shared, “There’s no question. We would much rather drive by and see it standing because Dad worked so hard to build this place and make it a special place for fans to come and enjoy and for our family to live.”

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Despite the heartfelt objections, TBN reconsidered their stance due to the public outcry. In a recent proposal to the Hendersonville Board of Mayor & Alderman, TBN revealed a revised plan, opting to restore Conway Twitty’s former home rather than demolish it. The new proposal, which reduced the number of senior living units from 96 to 90, allows for the preservation of Conway’s mansion.

City officials responded with gratitude and praise to this change of heart. TBN’s Frank Amedia acknowledged the increased cost but emphasized that the crucial factor was preserving the essence of what “Twitty City” meant to the community.

Moving forward, TBN envisions using Conway’s mansion as a versatile space and plans to engage the community in contributing Conway-related memorabilia for inclusion in the restored home. This positive development marks a significant turnaround, offering hope for the preservation of Conway Twitty’s legacy in the heart of Tennessee.

Explore the video below to witness Conway personally guiding a tour through his cherished “Twitty City” residence on the popular show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

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