Toby Keith Explained Why He Never Moved to Nashville and The Repercussions of His Decision

Toby Keith Explained Why He Never Moved to Nashville and The Repercussions of His Decision
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Many aspiring Country musicians dream of making it big in Nashville, the iconic heart of Music City. However, Toby Keith chose a different path, standing firm in his decision not to uproot his life for the sake of career advancement, even if it meant missing out on potential opportunities.

In a heartfelt interview with News 9 back in February, the late Toby Keith opened up about his choice to stay rooted in his hometown, despite the allure of Nashville. Hailing from the small town of Moore, Oklahoma, Keith felt an unbreakable connection to his roots. The ranch he later called home was situated on the very land where he spent his childhood fishing.

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“I grew up fishing in the river that goes along my ranch here. This is where I was raised. This is where I come home to.” Keith shared, emphasizing the deep ties he had with his Oklahoma origins.

Despite the undeniable prospects for fame and success that Nashville offered, Toby stood resolute in his decision to stay true to Oklahoma. “I never felt right about moving to another city,” he explained, expressing a profound sense of belonging to his hometown.


Even though the conventional wisdom in the music industry highlighted the importance of networking and connections, Toby prioritized his personal connection to home over potential career gains. His ranch, situated where he fished as a child, became a sanctuary that outshone the glitter of Music City.

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Toby Keith acknowledged the impact of his decision on his career, recognizing that his absence from Nashville’s inner circle meant missed opportunities and overlooked achievements. In an industry where connections often paved the way to success, Toby found himself on the outskirts of Nashville’s tight-knit music community.

“There’s only a certain amount of signed-up voters in Nashville that vote on these awards,” Toby explained. “Me not living there… I don’t have the network that everybody else has.”

Yet, despite the potential sacrifices in terms of awards and industry recognition, Toby remained resolute. “I didn’t care,” he stated. “I’ll sacrifice that to get to live here.”

In Toby Keith’s world, the value of home outweighed the benefits fame could ever bring, showcasing how his grounded priorities shaped him into the down-to-earth performer the world came to recognize and appreciate. You can watch Toby Keith explain his decision in more detail in the video below.

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