10 Black Country Singers You Should Listen To

10 Black Country Singers You Should Listen To
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Beyoncé has a knack for creating cultural shifts with her music, and her return to the country genre during Super Bowl LVIII was no exception. Her singles brought renewed attention to Southern-based music forms like folk, bluegrass, and Americana. This move has sparked interest in how Black country singers have contributed to and shaped the country music scene, a genre deeply rooted in African American history.

The foundation of country music is significantly influenced by African American culture. Instruments like the banjo have African origins, and pioneers like the underacknowledged Lesley Riddle played pivotal roles in the development of the genre. Today, artists like Lil Nas X continue to challenge and redefine what country music can be, blending it with other genres and bringing it to new audiences.

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While mainstream attention often focuses on artists like Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen, there’s a vibrant community of Black country musicians making significant contributions. Here’s a closer look at some of the most notable Black country singers today, from established veterans to emerging stars:

10 Black Country Singers You Should Listen To

1. Tanner Adell

Tanner Adell is a rising star who has recently garnered significant attention. Born in Kentucky and raised between California and Wyoming, Adell’s music reflects a blend of influences. Her 2023 single “Buckle Bunny” went viral, earning enough success to lead to her third studio album of the same name. Adell’s clever incorporation of rap elements into her music sets her apart and promises a bright future ahead.

2. Kane Brown

Kane Brown is a dominant force in country music, having earned numerous gold and platinum awards in his still-young career. Signed to RCA Nashville, Brown’s albums, including his self-titled debut and its follow-up, Experiment, have been highly successful. In 2022, he released Different Man, featuring collaborations with Blake Shelton and his wife, Katelyn Brown. His latest single, “I Can Feel It,” quickly climbed the charts, showcasing his continued relevance and popularity.

3. Shaboozey

Shaboozey is an artist who defies genre boundaries, blending country, hip-hop, and rock into a unique sound. His 2022 release Cowboys Live Forever, Outlaws Never Die exemplifies this fusion, and his latest singles, “Let It Burn” and “Anabelle,” dive deeper into his country influences. Shaboozey’s music pushes the boundaries of country music, demonstrating the genre’s versatility and capacity for innovation.

4. Brittney Spencer

Brittney Spencer recently released her debut LP, My Stupid Life, following her critically acclaimed EPs Compassion and if i ever get there: a day at blackbird studio. Spencer’s love for country music was sparked by the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift, and she has carved out a space for herself in the genre with her powerful voice and heartfelt songwriting. Spencer’s music speaks to a wide audience, blending traditional country elements with a modern sensibility.

5. Willie Jones

Willie Jones from Shreveport, LA, combines country with hip-hop elements to create a unique sound. His 2023 album Something To Dance To features the infectious hit “Down By The Riverside.” Jones continues to release popular singles, including collaborations with artists like RVSHVD and Blanco Brown. His ability to blend genres makes his music appealing to a diverse audience.


RVSHVD gained attention by creating country versions of popular hits by artists like Roddy Ricch, Drake, and Lil Baby. His original singles, including “Small Town Talk” and “Deal With The Devil,” showcase his talent for blending country with contemporary sounds. The Georgia native continues to build momentum with a wealth of impressive releases, solidifying his place in the country music scene.

7. Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton has been a trailblazer for Black talent in country music since her debut single “Better Than You Left Me.” During the George Floyd protests, she released the powerful song “Black Like Me,” which earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Country Solo Performance. Both of these impactful songs appear on her debut album, Remember Her Name, cementing her status as a significant voice in country music.

8. Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker, initially known as the frontman of Hootie & the Blowfish, has become synonymous with country music. Since 2008’s Learn to Live, Rucker has released a string of successful albums. His 2023 album Carolyn’s Boy, named in honor of his late mother, features hits like “Beers and Sunshine” and “Fires Don’t Start Themselves.” Rucker’s contributions to country music make him one of the genre’s greatest of all time.

9. Blanco Brown

Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” became a viral sensation, known as the “biggest line dance song of all time.” Since then, the Atlanta talent has continued to release music, including his debut LP Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs and several singles. Brown’s music blends country with hip-hop, creating a sound that’s both innovative and infectious.

10. Reyna Roberts

Reyna Roberts made waves in the country music scene with her 2023 album Bad Girl Bible, Vol. 1, featuring the hit single “Miranda.” The Alaska native’s music has been featured on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” and she has received endorsements from top artists like Mickey Guyton and Carrie Underwood. Roberts was also named a member of Country Music Television’s Next Women in Country 2021 class, highlighting her rising status in the genre.

These Black country singers are not only enriching the country music genre but also highlighting its diverse roots and contemporary evolution. Their contributions are a testament to the genre’s versatility and the significant role that Black musicians have played in shaping its history and future. Check out their music and support these incredible talents!

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