Loretta Lynn’s Daughter Pays Heartbreaking Tribute to Her Memory

Patsy, Loretta Lynn's Daughter, Pays Heartbreaking Tribute to Her Memory
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October 4 marks an indelible somber moment in the annals of country music history. On this day in 2022, the iconic Loretta Lynn bid farewell in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, at the venerable age of 90.

For Loretta’s family, this past year has been a succession of poignant “firsts.” Patsy Lynn Russell, one of her twin daughters, mused upon the inaugural celebration of her birthday without the customary call from her mother, delivering a heartfelt reflection on the absence.


“Our first Birthday without a call from our momma singing Happy Birthday to Peggy and I,” Patsy said. “Woke kinda sad knowing that. It’s always the little things we miss the most. I am so thankful to have those memories. Grateful to have been born with a built in bestie [in Peggy] ! Best we can do today ..”

Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn Worked Together Closely


Patsy, named after Loretta’s close friend Patsy Cline, played an integral role in her mother’s later years. A producer and songwriter, Patsy contributed to several of Loretta’s albums. The culmination of their collaborative efforts was evident in “Still Woman Enough,” Loretta’s final album, co-produced by Patsy and John Carter Cash. Additionally, Patsy collaborated with her mother in co-writing the title track, featuring a noteworthy alliance with Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire.

Formerly part of the country music duo The Lynns with her twin sister Peggy, Patsy now pursues her career as a producer and songwriter, while Peggy has transitioned to a life as a farmer. Both have embarked on the journey of motherhood.

Patsy’s Tribute To Her Mother Loretta On The First Anniversary Of Her Passing

On the poignant occasion of the first anniversary of Loretta Lynn’s demise, Patsy shared a poignant photograph taken during happier times. The image radiated beauty, capturing the essence of both Patsy and Loretta. In a succinct yet profoundly expressive caption, Patsy conveyed her heartbreak, referencing a song her mother wrote a few years back, “who’s gonna miss me when I’m gone”: “My mom wrote a song a few years back called ‘who’s gonna miss me when I’m gone’ I do momma.”

In this difficult moment, we extend our heartfelt sympathy to Loretta’s family and the multitude of admirers she touched with her remarkable musical legacy.

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