Emmy Russell Recalls Her Grandmother Loretta Lynn’s Best Advice

Emmy Russell Recalls Her Grandmother Loretta Lynn's Best Advice
Photo: @emmyroserussell/ Instagram

When Loretta Lynn passed away on that October day in 2022, it felt like the end of an era for country music. But her legacy, oh, it’s something that continues to echo through the generations she inspired, especially among her musical offspring.

One of those special connections was between Loretta and her granddaughter, Emmy Russell. You could see it in the way Emmy shared those intimate snapshots on Instagram after Loretta left us.

Then came that solemn day at the Grand Ole Opry House, where friends and family gathered to pay tribute. It was an emotional affair, filled with heartfelt performances and tearful memories.

But it was Emmy’s duet with Lukas Nelson, son of the legendary Willie Nelson, that really tugged at the heartstrings. Together, they sang “Lay Me Down,” a song that Loretta and Willie had crafted together back in 2016. And would you believe it? CMT even gave their performance a nod, nominating it for the coveted Performance of the Year award at the 2023 CMT Music Awards.

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In April 2023, at the CMT Music Awards, Emmy sat down with Fox News Digital to reminisce about her grandmother’s wisdom. “The most precious advice she ever gave me was about faith,” Emmy shared. Loretta, she said, always stressed the importance of loving God and listening to His guidance.

You could feel Loretta’s presence in the room, especially when they played that old video of Emmy singing “Memaw’s Guitar” back in 2016. Loretta, ever the proud grandma, sat right there, beaming with pride.

And even though Loretta may not be with us in body, her spirit lives on, especially through Emmy’s journey on American Idol. Making it to the Top 5? Now, that’s something Loretta would have tipped her hat to in admiration.

Yes, Loretta Lynn may have left this world, but her essence, her music, and her love, they’re all still here, inspiring us through her beloved granddaughter Emmy.

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