Two Contestants Eliminated as ‘American Idol’ Reveals Top 5

Two Contestants Eliminated as 'American Idol' Reveals Top 5
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After two intense rounds of performances, American Idol unveiled its Top 5 contestants on Sunday night, May 5th.

In the latest episode of American Idol, which aired on May 5th, the remaining seven contestants faced the challenge of singing two distinct songs: an Adele cover and a “Song That Makes Me Wanna Dance.” Despite pouring their hearts into their performances, two contestants fell short and faced elimination.

Triston Harper, Emmy Russell, McKenna Faith Breinholt, Julia Gagnon, Abi Carter, Will Mosely, and Jack Blocker received mentorship from the renowned Ciara and delivered compelling performances in their bid to stay in the competition. However, McKenna Faith Breinholt and Julia Gagnon were eliminated, leaving emotions running high among viewers.

Julia Gagnon initially captivated judges with her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.” She left a lasting impression as the season’s final audition, securing the coveted third Platinum ticket, which granted her a pass through the initial rounds of Hollywood Week.

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McKenna Faith Breinholt endeared herself to audiences with her poignant backstory and soulful audition. Hailing from Arizona, Breinholt’s journey to find her birth mother, which began on her 21st birthday, resonated deeply with viewers. Her moving performance of “There Was Jesus” brought tears and earned her a special reunion with her birth family, orchestrated by the American Idol team.

Throughout the competition, both women consistently delivered strong performances, showcasing their remarkable talent. Despite their efforts, they faced the harsh reality of elimination in this week’s episode.

However, their journey doesn’t end here. Many artists who’ve graced the American Idol stage and narrowly missed the title have gone on to achieve remarkable success. Icons like Tori Kelly and Lady A’s Hillary Scott faced rejection during auditions but soared to superstardom afterward. Similarly, finalists such as Lauren Alaina, Adam Lambert, and Jennifer Hudson used their Idol experience as a springboard to stardom.

While saying goodbye to McKenna and Julia is bittersweet, their futures are bright, and we eagerly await their next chapters. Watch the emotional Top 5 announcement in the video below.

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