Kelly Clarkson Says She Never Wanted to Get Married

Kelly Clarkson Says She Never Wanted to Get married
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Kelly Clarkson is thoroughly enjoying the freedom of single life, and she’s in absolutely no hurry to make any changes. In a special interview with PEOPLE, the talented singer and talk show host opens up about her genuine contentment with being single.

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She shares a candid perspective on her current relationship status, expressing her unapologetic embrace of the solo journey. Clarkson clarifies that she isn’t seeking to alter her dating status anytime soon. Her joy and fulfillment radiate from the independence and freedom of being unattached.

Why Does Kelly Clarkson Say She May Never Marry Again?

In 2020, after a seven-year marriage, Clarkson initiated the divorce process with her former husband, Brandon Blackstock. Surprisingly, marriage was never a desire she harbored from the beginning.

“I never wanted to get married the first time,”

she shared with PEOPLE.

“[Brandon] had children, a religious background, and it was important, I think, for him. But I’ve never been that person. Because I’ve been through a couple of divorces in my family, I just don’t like to put any weight on it.”

She Adds

When it comes to her household, Clarkson emphasizes that her children are her top priority, and she wouldn’t allow another serious relationship to jeopardize that commitment.

“For my kids, I definitely would never even think about it until they’re out of my house,”

Kelly Clarkson is Having a Good Time as a Single Woman

Balancing a multitude of responsibilities, from successfully hosting a talk show to releasing new music, and recently concluding her final season as a judge on the acclaimed singing competition, The Voice, last year, Clarkson boasts a myriad of accomplishments. With so much to celebrate, anyone looking to capture her attention must have a fulfilling life of their own.

Clarkson openly acknowledges that she would consider giving up her single life for someone who contributes equally to the relationship.

“I told a friend [that a potential partner] would have to be an individual that brings their own life to the table without needing anything from me. It’s far more romantic to say, ‘I want you, but I don’t need anything.’ I’m really good right now, I’m having a good time.”

As she gracefully navigates the spotlight, Clarkson continually demonstrates that contentment can be achieved on one’s own terms.

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