Reba McEntire Opens Up About One Of Her Most Embarrassing Moments
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Reba McEntire Opens Up About One Of Her Most Embarrassing Moments

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Reba McEntire recently dropped by CMT for a series of entertaining interviews, adding a touch of humor and candidness to the conversation. To kick things off, a group of country music stars submitted questions for Reba, who cheerfully responded to each one.

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When HARDY inquired about her ultimate “death row” meal, Reba didn’t hesitate, saying, “A Sonic #1 cheeseburger. No onions. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise…pickles and tater tots.”

Dierks Bentley’s question centered around which song she would re-record given the chance. Reba revealed her choice, expressing a desire to revisit “Suddenly There’s a Valley,” a beautiful track from an album of bygone days.

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In another engaging interview, CMT delved into Reba’s most embarrassing past moment. With laughter, she teased, “Oh, gosh. How much time do you have?”

The country legend then recounted a hilarious mishap from the early ’80s during a headlining performance. While making her way stage right, an unexpected monitor tripped her up, causing a memorable tumble.

“[It was] the early 80s. I was headlining. I was going to make my way stage right, and blue lights were going to come on. And I was going to walk back on and sing [Patsy Cline’s] ‘Sweet Dreams’ a cappella. I did not remember this monitor being there. So when I was shuffling my way off stage right, I shuffled my toes right underneath that monitor, and fell over on top of it.”

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Undeterred, Reba crawled off stage, revealing a ripped pair of britches. However, with the show-must-go-on spirit, she dusted herself off, covered the wardrobe malfunction with her hand, and returned to the spotlight to flawlessly perform the song. All in good humor, she concluded, “Nobody knew the difference,” accompanied by a playful grin.

You can watch Reba McEntire share the amusing story of her most embarrassing moment in the video below. It’s a delightful glimpse into the charismatic and down-to-earth side of the iconic artist.

Reba McEntire’s CMT Interview

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