Loretta Lynn’s Son Ernest Praying for a New Kidney

Loretta Lynn's Son Ernest Praying for a New Kidney
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Ernie Lynn, a talented country singer and the son of the beloved country music legend Loretta Lynn, has been facing health issues recently. Back in January, Loretta’s official social media pages shared the news that Ernie had undergone critical surgery due to kidney failure.

The post read:

“Today, Loretta’s son Ernest Ray underwent a critical surgery as a result of kidney failure. In moments like these, we are reminded of the importance of faith and family. Your prayers for Ernie mean the world to us—The Lynn Family.”

Soon after Ernie’s surgery, Loretta’s page also updated followers that her daughter Cissie had surgery for mouth cancer and is now on the road to recovery. The Lynn family expressed heartfelt appreciation for the outpouring of support and prayers.

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Before his recent surgery, Ernie’s wife Crystal had shared that Ernie had previously undergone two unsuccessful surgeries related to kidney failure and dialysis. The January 23 operation was seen as a life-saving measure crucial for Ernie’s well-being.

“It’s a life-saving and life-sustaining operation, so we’re praying for its success this time to avoid more drastic measures,” Crystal wrote on Facebook.

Crystal continued to provide updates on Ernie’s recovery, which had its ups and downs. Eventually, Ernie started showing signs of improvement, a testament to the power of faith.

Ernie’s health journey is ongoing, as Crystal posted on April 3 asking for prayers for Ernie’s approval to receive a new kidney.

“We would appreciate your prayers asking for God’s influence and favor so that Ernie may receive approval for this procedure, as a new kidney would drastically improve his quality of life, length of life, and of course his emotional and mental health,” Crystal expressed.

The next day, Crystal shared that they are awaiting official news on Ernie’s transplant approval and expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming support.

“Ernie Update: We’re still awaiting official word, but we’re feeling hopeful about yesterday’s developments. We should have more clarity in the coming weeks. Thank you all sincerely for your prayers and unwavering support. God is always faithful,” Crystal said.

Ernie Lynn is one of six children born to Loretta Lynn and her husband Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. Together, they raised two sons and four daughters. Sadly, their eldest children, Betty Sue and Jack Benny, passed away in 2013 and 1984, respectively.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ernie Lynn and the entire Lynn family during this challenging time. We remain hopeful for Ernie’s ongoing recovery and his journey towards receiving the life-changing kidney transplant he needs.

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