Toby Keith Reveals How Stomach Surgery Affected His Vocals
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Toby Keith Reveals How Stomach Surgery Affected His Vocals

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In June 2022, the renowned country music icon, Toby Keith, disclosed the sobering news of his ongoing battle with stomach cancer, a struggle he had been silently enduring since the fall of the previous year. Initially choosing to keep his diagnosis under wraps, he eventually decided to share the news with his fans after six months of treatment, expressing his anticipation of reuniting with them “sooner than later.”

In the subsequent months, Toby Keith has been remarkably open about his journey through cancer and recovery. He candidly acknowledged the fear he experienced upon learning of his diagnosis and revealed his vulnerability during an iconic performance at the PCCAs.


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Recently, during an episode of The Bobby Bones Show, Toby Keith provided an update on his health as he continues to recover from stomach cancer treatments. When asked about his progress, he described it as a “rollercoaster.” He elaborated on the challenges of working on his diaphragm post-surgery, stating:

“The thing that I had to overcome is – the surgery that I had on my stomach, they had to stitch on my diaphragm… That really is a muscle you know, so I’ve had to work that to get it. So where I sing really, really hard and really violent and loud, I didn’t have that last 10% on the bottom, where I could really just belt anything.”


Despite the hurdles, Toby Keith maintains a positive outlook, mentioning that things are “getting better all the time.” He emphasizes the importance of not letting his health define his future, stating:

“You get to a point where you say, ‘Hey, this is what I do,’ and you can’t let it define your future.”

Making a triumphant return to the stage in December 2023, Toby Keith officially marked his comeback with two sold-out shows in Las Vegas on December 10-11. While he had made brief appearances in recent months, these concerts were his first full-length performances in over three years, a hiatus initially prompted by the global pandemic and later compounded by his personal health crisis.

After the first show, Toby shared a series of photos on social media, reflecting on the triumphant return, saying:

“It was a triumphant return. One hell of a night in Vegas. Ready to do it all over again tonight. #TobyInVegas”

Wishing Toby Keith a continued and speedy recovery!

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