John Denver Wrote "Annie’s Song" in Just 10 Minutes
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John Denver Wrote “Annie’s Song” in Just 10 Minutes

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It’s widely regarded as one of the most iconic love songs in country music history. John Denver’s ‘Annie’s Song’ has been touching hearts and souls for nearly half a century. The fascinating part is that this culturally significant song came to life in just 10 minutes, and to top it off, it was penned on a ski lift of all places.

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John Denver came into the world on December 31, 1943, as part of an Air Force family, a fact gleaned from IMDb. His father’s military career meant the family moved frequently. During their stay in Tucson, Arizona, Denver received his first guitar from his grandmother, a pivotal moment that would shape his life. The guitar became a constant companion, aiding Denver in making connections as he navigated through new towns and schools.

After graduating from high school, Denver headed to California, where he kick-started his musical journey at Leadbetter’s nightclub. His big break came when he took over from Chad Mitchell in The Chad Mitchell Trio. Denver stayed with the trio until he decided to go solo. The peak of his musical success spanned from 1969 to 1975, with 1975 being the standout year when he earned the coveted Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award. Although he dabbled in acting for a brief period in movies and TV shows, his record sales tapered off. Undeterred, he shifted his focus to political activism, particularly environmental causes.

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In 1966, Denver’s path crossed with Ann Martell, known as Annie, during a performance at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. Their love story began to unfold, with Annie recalling, “I wore blue jeans, lumberjack shirt, and penny loafers. John later told me he fell in love on the spot.” Their first date took a year to materialize, leading to marriage in 1967.

Denver’s connection with Aspen, Colorado, grew while dating Annie. The couple, captivated by the town, made a significant decision three years later, making an offer on a plot of land. Denver reminisced, “There was nothing we could afford…This guy said, ‘Let me show you some lots.’ And he took us up on the hill there. There was lots of snow and it was near evening. Annie and I held hands and said, ‘We’ll take it.’ We had found our home. It’s as simple as that.” The success of his song “Country Roads” in 1971 allowed them to finally realize their dream of building a home on that cherished land.

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On a Ski Lift, Denver Wrote the Heartfelt Melody of ‘Annie’s Song’


John Denver’s rise to stardom had its toll on Annie Martell. The challenges of superstardom can strain any marriage, and the demands of recording and performing eventually led to a brief separation for the couple. Although the break lasted only six days, it proved to be a challenging period for both of them.

As Stereogum recounts, during the separation, Denver found solace on the ski slopes, surrounded by the overwhelming beauty of nature. Amidst the serene landscape, his thoughts inevitably turned to his wife. It took just 10 minutes for him to pen down the heartfelt lyrics of “Annie’s Song” while riding a ski lift.

John Denver – Annie’s Song (Official Audio)

According to Song Facts, Denver reflected on the creative process, saying, “Suddenly, I’m hypersensitive to how beautiful everything is. All of these things filled up my senses, and when I said this to myself unbidden images came one after the other. All of the pictures merged and I was left with Annie. That song was the embodiment of the love I felt at that time.”

Denver and Annie’s marriage faced its share of challenges, with one hurdle being Denver’s difficulty in fathering children. However, their desire for a family prevailed, leading them to adopt Zachary John and Anna Kate. Speaking about his children, Denver expressed, “How did we ever live without those little children? We were always meant to be together, It enhances everything.”

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In 1982, as reported by People, Annie Martell made the difficult decision to request a divorce from John Denver on their 15th wedding anniversary. The emotional impact of this event was keenly felt by both parties.

Following the divorce, John Denver moved forward with his life. In 1988, he entered into a marriage with Cassandra Delaney, a relationship that had developed over a couple of years. Notably, Delaney was 18 years younger than Denver. The union brought forth a daughter named Jesse Belle. However, the couple’s journey together concluded with a divorce in 1993.

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