Why Loretta Lynn Never Wrote Songs With Elvis Presley?

Why Loretta Lynn Never Wrote Songs With Elvis Presley?
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Iconic country singer Loretta Lynn bid farewell to the world on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022, leaving behind a legacy that resonates deeply in the hearts of her fans. Renowned as one of the most beloved country stars in the U.S., Lynn’s decades-long career was marked by collaborations with numerous notable artists, though an unexpected one never materialized – a duet with the legendary Elvis Presley.

Loretta Lynn’s journey in the music industry kicked off shortly after tying the knot with her husband, Oliver Lynn. Encouraged by Oliver, who gifted her a guitar in her teenage years, Lynn found her calling in song creation. Her songs, often inspired by the challenges of her tumultuous marriage, raising six children, and navigating the hardships of life as a coal miner’s daughter, struck a chord with audiences worldwide.

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Among her many musical companions, Lynn shared a special connection with fellow country star Patsy Cline. The two crossed paths in the early ’50s in Nashville, Tennessee, marking a turning point in Lynn’s career. Reflecting on their friendship, Lynn expressed, “After I met Patsy, life got better for me because I fought back. Before that, I just took it. I had to.” The duo started on a joint tour, and Lynn later paid homage to Cline with a tribute album.

Another noteworthy collaboration in Lynn’s career was with Conway Twitty. Meeting in 1968, the two formed a strong musical bond, with Lynn fondly stating, “I loved Conway. He was my friend. And my husband loved him.”


In the later chapters of her life, Lynn joined forces with Jack White for a musical collaboration. White, inspired after meeting Lynn in 2014, co-created the Grammy Award-winning album, Van Lear Rose.

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So, Why Loretta Lynn Never Wrote Songs With Elvis Presley?

Despite the myriad partnerships Lynn forged, the anticipated collaboration with Elvis Presley remained unfulfilled. In a candid conversation with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2016, Lynn revealed that she and Presley had plans to write songs together, but tragically, Presley passed away two weeks before their scheduled collaboration on Aug. 16, 1977.

Recalling their unrealized plans, Lynn shared, “You know, we were going to write together. Two weeks before he died, we talked about it. Come and do it and get together and write. We never got to.” When Cohen inquired about Presley’s personality, Lynn regretfully admitted, “You know, I never was with him. I never had got the chance to be [with him].”

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