Watch: Loretta Lynn in a 1980s Christmas Commercial with her Husband and Children
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Watch: Loretta Lynn in a 1980s Christmas Commercial with her Husband and Children

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Due to Loretta Lynn‘s widespread popularity, she received numerous requests to appear in advertisements for various companies. However, she was selective and only accepted a handful of those offers.

One notable collaboration was her role as a spokeswoman for Crisco shortening. Throughout the 1980s, Loretta starred in several Crisco commercials, where she shared some of her favorite recipes featuring the product.


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In a charming moment, Loretta playfully offered Doo a plate of mouth-watering raspberry snow bars, leading him to take an immediate bite and earning a lighthearted tease from Loretta about talking with his mouth full.

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The commercial concludes with a heartwarming scene of Loretta, Doo, Peggy, and Patsy gathered around a cozy fireplace and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Surrounded by her family, Loretta said:

“There are two things that always make the holidays special: great-tasting food and being with the ones you love.”

To relive these precious moments, you can watch the holiday-themed commercial featuring Loretta, her daughters, and her husband by simply pressing “play” on the video below.

Now that Loretta has left us, this clip holds an even more cherished place in our hearts. Her absence is deeply felt, and she is truly missed by all who loved her.

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