Miranda Lambert Releases Empowering New Anthem “Wranglers”

Miranda Lambert Releases Empowering New Anthem "Wranglers"
Photo: Cooper Norland

Miranda Lambert, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, has ignited the music scene with her latest single, “Wranglers.”

This bold song, released under her new deal with Republic Records, marks a significant change in Lambert’s musical journey. Co-written by Audra Mae, Evan McKeever, and Ryan Carpenter, “Wranglers” carries a strong message of empowerment and standing up for oneself.

Fans got a taste of Lambert’s passionate performance of “Wranglers” at the recent Stagecoach Festival, where she captivated the audience with her fiery energy.

Notably, Lambert teamed up with country music legend Reba McEntire at Stagecoach, delivering a memorable performance that left fans in awe.

“Wranglers” not only signifies a new chapter in Lambert’s career but also resonates with some of her most impactful hits. With lyrics that radiate strength and resilience, the song mirrors Lambert’s commitment to authenticity and heartfelt storytelling, qualities that have endeared her to fans over the years.

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According to Lambert, “Wranglers” is a celebration of finding inner strength and serves as a relatable anthem of revenge.

This release marks a significant moment for the “Tin Man” singer, hinting at her forthcoming 10th LP, slated for later this year.

In a surprising move, Lambert recently collaborated with Latin pop artist Enrique Iglesias, offering fans a beautiful song titled “Space In My Heart.”

With more music on the horizon, Lambert promises a new wave of emotions and rhythms for her fans.

As Lambert puts it, “I’ve got a lot more to say and a lot more music coming soon.” So, for fans who resonate with her songs, particularly the spirited ones, get ready for more!

By the way, did you know that Miranda Lambert co-wrote a hit song for Morgan Wallen?

Experience Miranda Lambert’s fiery new song “Wranglers” below!

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